Mauris posuere

In 2013, FEPL re-started its business as an investor in the Hyderabad area within specialized fields and expanded business areas in water and wastewater treatment plants. Since becoming an independent company in 2013, FEPL has expanded our position in the markets we serve, we have evolved into a prominent supporter of the energy, hydrocarbons, power, industrial, civil infrastructure, minerals, government services and commercial sectors.
With the professional, experienced & devoted workforce, possession of construction equipment and a progressive management the FEPL is moving towards a better future.

At FEPL, we are committed to building a better working world — with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration. We want to build a better working world through our own actions and by engaging with like-minded organizations and individuals. This is our purpose — and why we exist as an organization.

Running through our organization is a strong sense of obligation to serve a number of different companies who count on us to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do. We want to use our global reach and scale to convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets.